Summary of features unique to the MMoD program at UNL

Research rotations: All students entering the MMoD program are supported for rotations.

Interdisciplinary research emphasis: Selection for MMoD fellowships prioritizes in favor of cross-disciplinary trainee projects.

Tour of industry and medicine: Series will feature workshops at regional industries exploring product development, innovation and entrepreneurship, and industry preparedness; "lunch and learn" conversations with representatives from industry, UNL's NuTech Ventures office, and invited medical faculty; one MMoD-sponsored seminar per semester given by a prominent external researcher addressing a key issue in disease will be coupled to a trainee workshop reviewing the literature in that researcher's topic.

Flexible core curriculum: Trainees have minimal absolute course requirements, offering flexibility to research-driven curricular needs.

Proposal development: Coursework will train students in proposal writing; trainees write proposals for admission to MMoD fellowships, admission to PhD candidacy, and a formal proposal to an external agency will be a requirement for 3rd year MMoD fellows.

Trainee-organized annual symposium: Trainees invite external speakers, senior trainees give oral presentations, and junior trainees and other interested participants present posters.

Trainee-designed semi-annual workshops: Workshops are designed by trainees. Topics may focus on new technology, different career options for a PhD, etc.

Monthly works-in-progress meetings: Trainees, mentors, members of mentor laboratories, and interested new mentors researching molecular mechanisms of disease discuss their research in monthly meetings.

Travel: Trainees are supported to attend local, regional and national conferences.