MMoD Annual Symposium

The annual symposium is organized by the MMoD trainees each spring with input and guidance from the Program Directors. Leadership and organization skills are developed by this experience over a period of several months planning symposium themes and sessions, choosing potential external speakers, composing invitations, and drafting introductions for the speakers. The symposium features trainee talks and posters, and poster sessions.

2023 MMoD Symposium

2023 MMoD Symposium



2022 MMoD Symposium


Symposium award winners
2018 Symposium Award Winners:  From left to right - Sarah Nafziger (Andrea Cupp, Animal Science); Anna Diepenbrock (Eric Dodds, Chemistry); Shelby Springman (Andrea Cupp, Animal Science);  Elliott Rodriguez (David Hage, Chemistry); Medhanjali Dasgupta (Mark Wilson, Biochemistry); Sagar Patel (Don Becker, Biochemistry).

2017 Symposium

2017 MMoD Annual Symposium Program
Wednesday April 19, 2017.

Our invited speakers were:

2016 Symposium

2016 MMoD Annual Symposium Program
Wednesday April 20,2016.

Our invited speakers were:

Stephen Haggarty

Dr. Stephen J. Haggarty

Associate Professor of Neurolgy
Harvard Medical School

Associate in Neuroscience
Massachusetts General Hospital

Paul Trainor

Dr. Paul Trainor
Stower’s Institute for Medical Research
Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology

University of Kansas School of Medicine


2016 Symposium Award Winners:  From left to right - Anna Lampe (Deb Brown, SBS); Fang Xie (Jennifer Wood, Animal Science); George Grady (Simpson, Biochem); Sarah Romereim (Andrea Cupp, Animal Science); Elliott Rodriguez (David Hage, Chemistry); Samantha Swenson (Oleh Khalimonchuk, Biochemistry); Xinqi Zhou (Cliff Stains, Chemistry); Jennie Catlett (Nicole Buan, Biochemistry).

2015 Symposium

2015 MMoD Annual Symposium Schedule

Wednesday April 22.  Our invited speakers were:

John Denu

Dr. John Denu, Professor

Department of Biomolecular Chemistry

University of Wisconsin

Celia Goulding

Dr. Celia Goulding, Professor

Departments of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences

University of California - Irvine


2015 Symposium Award Winners: Dane Bowder (Shi-Hua Xiang Lab, Center for Virology), Bi Xu (Cliff Stains Lab, Chemistry), Elli Kaufmann (David Hage Lab, Chemistry), Christine Booth (Melanie Simpson Lab, Biochemistry), Rafael Segura (Amanda Ramer-Tait Lab, Food Science & Technology), Jessica Hargarten (Deb Brown and Audrey Atkins Labs, Biological Sciences), Jon R. Beck (Cliff Stains Lab, Chemistry), Fang Xie (Jennifer Wood Lab, Animal Science), Xinqi Zhou (Cliff Stains Lab, Chemistry), Yangyang Zhao (Liangcheng Du Lab, Chemistry). [Not shown is Iryna Bohovych, Oleh Khalimonchuk Lab, Biochemistry]


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2014 MMoD Annual Symposium Schedule